Get to Work: Seattle
Get to Work: thrift and prosperity
Get to Work: Charles N Frye
Get to Work: fir cedar hemlock
Get to Work: well timbered with fir and cedar
Get to Work: August
Get to Work: home
Get to Work: spiral
Get to Work: Guzman at SAM (red)
Zone Florencia 1956
ZONE Ivory's Rock Queensland Australia
ZONE SEA Geraniums on Broadway
ZONE SEA Heading Home on Roy Street
ZONE exterior campsite SANDIA (Art News honors Rufino)
ZONE interior campsite SANDIA
ZONE BNE shoes ready for landfill
ZONE SEA shoes ready for retirement
ZONE LAX jet-lagged melon
ZONE CDG Arc de Triomphe
ZONE BDL en route from the Berkshires
ZONE BDL spirals at Lake Garfield
Gum tree at sunrise
Australian dawn
Stoiber Portrait – 1873 to present
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