Rodrigo Valenzuela's 2015 installation at Frye Art Museum inspired me to make many visits and take many iPhone photos while I was there. I planned to layer early surveyor's notes (from the area where the Frye is today) over images I had taken of his art.  A series titled “Get to Work” began the day I asked Rodrigo if I could incorporate my images of his art in my printmaking, and he encouraged me to "get to work!"

A solo exhibit titled ZONE germinates in 1956 with my drawing of a street view from an apartment window: Calle de Florencia, Zona Rosa, Mexico, Distrito Federal. Jet ahead fifty-nine years to Seattle, where bright green gallery walls across the street from the Consulate of Mexico inspire a world-wide explosion of pink chine-collé. The codes BNE LAX SEA CDG BDL remind us of airports and time zones around the globe.

An airmail envelope addressed to my dad by his grandfather in 1939 is overlaid with an 1873 map of College Point, NY, showing properties owned by my dad’s great-grandfather Felix. Combined with a recent photo ID, the print spans five generations of the Stoiber family.